Crazy Ufo - Banana Boat - FlyFish

Enjoy the ride of the Crazy Ufo

Enjoy the ride of your life with the crazy UFO, this crazy bouncing, flying disk.  10 minutes of adrenaline.

Tenerife_World_of_Water_Sports_Crazy_Ufo_2_Puerto_Colon Tenerife_World_of_Water_Sports_Crazy_Ufo_3_Puerto_Colon Tenerife_World_of_Water_Sports_Banana_Boat_2_Puerto_Colon Tenerife_World_of_Water_Sports_Crazy_Ufo_5_Puerto_Colon Tenerife_World_of_Water_Sports_Crazy_Ufo_6_Puerto_Colon Tenerife_World_of_Water_Sports_Banana_Boat__Puerto_Colon

The crazy UFO, is one of the most funny activity in Tenerife. The crazy ufo is suitable for all ages since you can go nice and smoothly or super fast. The Crazy ufo will give you the impression of G forces pulling


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