Jet Ski Safari

The most popular attraction of Tenerife.


Tenerife World Of Water Sports

Come Fly With US!!!

Crazy UFO

Enjoy the ride of your life with this crazy bouncing, flying disk. A 10 minutes adrenaline ride from every age of 10 years upwards..

FlyBoard Jet Ski Wakeboard

Enjoy the ride, choose our jet ski safari along the coast of Tenerife South, It is the best way, to explore the isle.


If you are looking for some serious Water Sport in Tenerife, weith us you can try WakeBoard, and WaterSki.


The Flyboard is the new WaterSport that has revolutionized the World of Water Sport, join us for your private session.

Crazy Ufo

The Cazy ufo will give you the impression of G-forces pulling on your body whilst flying over the waves.


The Fly Fish is a weird-looking cross between a banana boat and a kite.
It’s a one-of-a-kind inflatable watercraft that allows you to jump and bounce at full speed over the waves and, with enough speed, lift you above the water!
Share the fun with your friends; the Fly Fish has enough seats for up to six passengers.

Banana Boat

Banana boat The Banana Boat has been a long-time favorite activity at sea among our clients. It’s a thrilling excursion in which you’ll ride the waves on a banana-shaped inflatable pulled by a motorboat.
The banana boat allows up to 6 people at once, making it a perfect adventure to share with your group of friends. The fun is guaranteed!
PRECIOS 15€ por persona


Flyboard The ultimate experience in water sports. Easy to learn and fun for everyone, regardless of age.
This ingenious device is powered by a jet bike, it expels a jet of water through a long and flexible hose that is connected to pair of boots.
PRECIO 65€ 15min. 90€ 30min

Why You Should  Trust Us

Water Sports Tenerife: An Unforgettable Adventure!

Welcome to the Atlantic paradise: Tenerife. This jewel of the Canary Islands is not only famous for its majestic Teide or its vibrant carnivals, but also for being a dream destination for lovers of water sports. Ready to immerse yourself in an experience like no other?

The crystal-clear waters of Tenerife are the perfect setting for practicing a wide variety of activities, from serene paddle surfing to exciting jet skiing. If you are passionate about diving, Tenerife’s coasts will dazzle you with its marine biodiversity, from colorful fish to mysterious sunken ships. Local diving schools offer courses for both beginners and experts, ensuring a safe and spectacular dive.

For those who prefer to challenge the waves, surfing and kitesurfing are exceptional options. The northern beaches, such as El Médano or Las Américas, have established themselves as meeting points for surfers from all over the world. And if you’ve never ridden a board, don’t worry, local schools are ready to teach you.

But Tenerife does not stop there. How about an exciting paragliding ride to contemplate the island from above? Or maybe you prefer windsurfing, where the combination of wind and waves will give you pure adrenaline.

In short, Tenerife is the ideal destination for those seeking aquatic adventures. With its pleasant climate all year round and its pristine waters, it is the perfect place to disconnect, learn and, above all, enjoy. Prepare your equipment, adventurer, and immerse yourself in the magic of Tenerife! 

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Jet Ski Safari

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